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    Volya team congratulates the Devision of Pediatric Ophthalmology Department at the University Hospital of Saarland on the movement to the new section. We are glad that Online Charity Auction organised by Volya helped to achieve this great aim!

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    HIGH END 2017

    "These speakers were very hard to fault sonically, and in spite of their novel look, the final sound was exceptionally sophisticated and refined. I heard a variety of music on the Volya system, and for hard rock, electronic and acoustic music alike, I felt it offered top-flight performance." Dave Hanson

    Dear Friends!

    Our company invites you to join us during HIGH END 2017 in Munich. We will be glad to see you in our demo room M05/N03 Hall 3 and share the vivid sound and daring design of our speakers.

    Last news from AXPONA'17, the largest high-end consumer show in North America where our company has presented two incredible speaker models: sophisticated flagship Bouquet and dynamic NoLimits.


    "One of the big eye catchers at AXPONA was the Volya NoLimits loudspeaker from Germany…" Jason Victor Serinus


    "Today I saw and heard the Volya NoLimits speakers, which take the prize for having one of the most unusual enclosures I’ve seen; it looks like a giant woofer!…" Mark Henninger


    "This was a fun room, and unexpectedly so. The sound was deep, the imaging precise, and it was all presented in this completely unexpected package…" Scot Hull

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Our company invites everyone to visit our stand (I03, Hall 11) during Big Boys Toys exhibition in Abu Dhabi on 23-26 November 2016.

    "The sheer size of these beautifully crafted speakers dominates the room, and you really hope that the sonic signature matches their dimensions... From the first notes of James Cotton's CD 'Down at you Buryin' it was evident that these were seriously good! the guitars were super focused and the gravely textures of James' vocal sent shivers down my spine..." Steve & Sarah

    "The Volya® Audio Systems designer clearly had made the right choices to tame his drivers. What unfolded before us was a well defined, spacious and balanced soundscape…" Marja & Henk

    "I really loved the Volya® Audio’s styling…I thoroughly enjoyed their laidback and effortless presentation and went back for a second listen on the Sunday." Stu Smith

    Watch Sounds Spezial:High-End 2016

    "Speaking of making a statement, perhaps the most surprising product I saw at the show were the speakers from Volya® Audio Systems featuring black lacquer finishes covered in traditional Ukrainian Petrikovsky floral patterns painted by hand by Lyudmila Gorbulya." Julie Mullins