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Unique loudspeakers Bouquet enclosures are totally hand-painted using fabulous technique which history originated in 1794.

The loudspeaker systems VOLYA were designed and assembled under the leadership of Yevhen Kozhushko, the engineer with 25 years of experience in constructing and implementing advanced technologies. The considerable number of audio systems has been created during this time, as well as huge and invaluable experience in designing loudspeakers was accumulated.

Nowadays there is only one copy of loudspeaker systems VOLYA: Floor standing and Stand mount.

Further the sets will be custom-made only. Each will be assigned a personal serial number. The production time of one set is from 4 to 6 months, it results in time necessary for a master to make hand-painting and a production period of the loudspeakers by Accuton® Company (Germany) - the main provider of the components for VOLYA.